5 Home Maintenance Reminders for Fall

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5 Home Maintenance Reminders for Fall
The small consistent items can make a difference in saving money and enjoying your home. Did you know some people could reduce 30 percent of their energy bills this fall by easy preventative maintenance. For example, stripping and caulking the home to prevent drafts can quickly put money back into your pocket.

Here are 5 reminders to focus on before Fall:
1. Check the roof.
You do not want damages to your roof before winter comes. Sun exposure can cause warping, fading, and chipping to your roof, shingles, and siding. Get these items repaired to prevent larger problems.
2. Hire a Chimney Sweep.
If you use your fireplace than getting a chimney sweep can be a smart decision. Residue build-up overtime can increase the risk of a home fire. Plan now to be safe for the relaxing times you can spend in front of your fireplace watching movies.
3. Clean the gutters.
If your gutters become clogged it can create water to flow backwards creating water leaks in your home. You already made an investment on directing the water appropriately so do not allow nature to foil your plans. Clean out the leaves and pine straw so that your gutters are your friend not your foe.
4. Check weather stripping and caulking.
Keep windows and doors sealed. Homes expand and contrast. Make certain your home is sealed to save your hard earned money and prevent bugs from joining you inside your home.
5. Check your outdoor faucet bibs.
Make certain you do not have any slow leaks on the exterior faucet bibs.

My personal opinion is start with item #4. Look for day light around your doors and see if you feel a draft near windows. This is the easiest way to quickly save money. From there, you will have momentum to go down the rest of the list.