Buyers Avoided Multiple Offer Mess


Importance of Speed in Real Estate

Real Estate is all about locality and timing. Both knowing the real estate seasons and getting in the door quickly. My buyers had let me know exactly what they were looking for. We set them on on a home alert and they took action the moment the house went on the market. My clients deserve the praise but they shared with me they appreciated the home alerts they were set up on.



WHY is more Important than WHAT

To find your dream home fast and make certain not to loose it then you need to have confidence in what you are looking for. Instead of saying "I will know the right house when I see it" you need to say "Here is the right home for me and why...".

## Home Alerts can be as Specific as Desired
Start with the fundamentals:
1.  How many bedrooms?     WHY?
2.  How many bathrooms?    WHY?
3.  How Large of a home?     WHY?
4.  Is there a specific area?
5.  What price range can you afford and want to stay within? (We will make another video on this later).