People's Perception on Home Pricing

Real Estate

Real Estate is unique in that everyone can value a property differently. Here is the order of how people view the value of a home:

Pretend Example of the Order of Valuation:

Homeowners: My home is worth 300k. I've updated the paint, changed light bulbs, and have owned the home for years.
Listing Agent: My client is listing their home at 275k. The highest sold comparables are in this general range.
Appraisser: I am submitting this offer based on my research and trying to justify the contract price so no one gets mad. My value is 269,700k.
Buyers Agent: This home is worth 265k at max. However, my clients want this home and with multiple offers our price is $269,700.
Buyers: I'm going to have to rip out the backsplash and update all the kitchen cabinets. This home is worth 260k. I'll ask my real estate agent what offer I need to make to win this house.

This chart below is great that it shows buyers, sellers, and appraisers are closer in their perception of value.

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