Real Estate requires MOSTLY flexible schedule


Best Day to View Homes and List Houses

I love helping my clients get the best results in real estate.  However, I would not be telling the truth if I didn't share that I enjoy being with my boy, Matthew, even more.  On Thursday's we block the day off to go to the zoo, park, or whatever seems to fit.  When there is advance notice I do switch days around but it is important to me to have quality one on one time with my son.  Why am I sharing this?  I am sharing this because it is important for us to communicate our expectations so that we can schedule properly so we both achieve our goals.  Here is a video we made in the park one day.  Matthew loves seeing himself on pictures and videos so we made this on a windy day at the park.  The sound quality gets better after the first few seconds.



Things to remember about real estate and schedules.

1.  We are requesting to view someone's Home

This means they most likely will want to know they need to be out of their house 24 hours prior to showing.  When people are buying or selling it tends to mean they have a lot going on in their life so let's provide sufficient notice when possible.

2.  Both our Time is very valuable

You most likely hired me as your real estate agent because you know I will save you time, money, and peace of mind.  I'm being hired to protect you from making mistakes or paying too much.  However, the clients I tend to work with heavily value time.  By planning ahead it allows me to be better prepared for you and making the process seem extremely smooth.  A lot goes on behind the scene and with sufficient notice I will continue to make real estate looks easy.

3.  More Opportunity to Find Similar Homes

When appointments are already setup it allows me the ability to see what new homes are on the market that day.  By being organized, I can better fit in a hot new listing.