Reduce Moving Stress w/ these Tips

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Moving is very stressful and hiring movers is no picnic.

Did You Know: Professional Movers see 50% of their annual revenue between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Expect to find yourself stressed. According to the American Psychiatric Association, moving is the third most stressful activity we experience following first – loss of a loved one, and second – loss of your work. I would say divorce and others should rank hire but they didn't ask me in the study.

So find an honest professional carrier (there are many actually) and rely on their expertise for help.

Did You Know 2: Some research has found moving is the 3rd most stressful time behind

Start Early. Six weeks to two months is best. Always ask for a written quote so the mover doesn't add on more charges along the way. Find out how you are being charged. Is it Hourly? Weight? Space? Guaranteed? Estimated?

Remember, each moving company is different. It's not like buying a Honda where all are the same and reliable. Evaluate not just the bottom line price but the value and safety you get with the company. Do not forget to understand the mover's liability for loss and damage. This can be very confusing but critical to hiring the right company.

Focus on getting rid of excess items that are not being used. Why pay to bring clutter? However, if it is a higher priced item then it may be worth moving.