Sellers: Remember these 7 Steps


7 Things to Know and Do Before Your Home is Active

1. Verify the accuracy of the listing sheet and the home showing instructions. This is a very important area to discuss as showing miscommunications generate the most complaints and frustration to a seller.

2. Prepare for a lot of Activity. When a house first goes on the market all the buyers who have been looking for a home and have missed out will want to make an offer if your home is the best value and best condition home against the competitors. Be prepared for a big change in your daily routine.

3. Have the home show ready all the time. Yes, this is a challenge but the first few weeks you will see the most activity.

4. Leave your Home for Showings.

5. Do NOT let unaccompanied buyers in the Home. There is no protection if you do not go with the safety precautions of using an official MLS lockbox.

6. Protect your valuables and identity. Be absolutely sure to not leave personal stuff lying around – money, checkbooks, jewelry, laptops, tablets, phones, bank and credit card statements, small valuables, could prove overly tempting. This is particularly important if you have an open house. Theft isn't common when your home is shown but its always to be better safe than sorry.

7. Contact your Agent regarding any concerns. Communication between you and your agent is critical.

And as a bonus: BE FLEXIBLE !

Selling a home is tough, and multiple showings, especially in the early days, is stressful. Things will not always go as planned or hoped for. Agents are late or early, buyers stay longer than you expect, and agents may request a last minute showing with little notice. Your daily routine may be altered a bit, or maybe a lot, due to showings but keep in mind the reason you are moving.