Treat Clients as if they were your parents

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents: Remember to always treat clients like you would treat your parents.

This simple idea has gained me many clients when interviewed against other agents. When I sit with clients I think about how I would want a Real Estate Agent to treat my parents. I would expect them to be patient, kind, and explain things in a manner they understood even if it meant changing my approach.

Focus on offering compassion, transparency, and loyalty.

1. Play together nicely. Find the right way to communicate and coordinate the home showings where your clients are least bothered.

2. Care for your clients feelings. Deliver a memory which explain why rules and standards have been established and work best. Long after the closing your clients will remember how you made them feel.

3. Make it easy. Take the extra steps to take burden off your clients. This is a complex and emotional time.

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