Why I work so Hard

Real Estate

Buying or Selling real estate can greatly improve or create stress in a families life.  I have bought numerous properties before I became a Real Estate Agent and those poor experiences made me go into the business with the focus of treating other people's needs the way I wish my agents had done for me.  I will tell you what I like, don't like, recommend, and even tell you when not to buy.  I will be looking to avoid mistakes from the very beginning by giving you expert advice and even push back if I see things from an angle you do not.  You will be emotional when selecting your house, as you should be.  My job is to help you with the tools to understand potential pitfalls and unseen opportunities.

I hope I can help you with your real estate needs.  If you are just in the research phase call me so I can offer suggestions and get you on the right path.  Please note, what I ask in return is to respect my time as much as I respect your time and money.  My time with my son is the most valuable thing to me so when I take time away to help others I'm happy to do so as long as the buyer doesn't waste my time.  This would be looking at houses if you know you will not buy.  Calling me to show you a property because your agent is on vacation is not acceptable unless you are using me when I zero in on the best deal.

I am very good at what I do.  I'm honest, logical, experienced, and not pushy yet very assertive when need to be.  I hope this lets you know more about me and my family.  I look forward to learning more about you and your family.

The reason for this post is from the picture that was posted on my facebook timeline today.  It was me talking to my 2 year old son on the way to an inspection.  This picture put a smile on my face.  Enjoy.