Your Kids Have a Say in Home Purchase

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Your Kids Have a Say in Home Purchase

If you have a child they most likely will be a big part in your home buying decision. Here are some statistics by NAR.

For those with children more consideration is based around the neighborhood amenities, school reports, and making certain you will not outgrow the size of your home.

* 49% percent of buyers consider the location, schools, and neighborhood as one of the largest factors when they have a child under the age of 18. In addition,

* 43% consider a neighborhood convenient to the school as a high desirable. When a family with a child buys they tend to look at over 2,000 square feet and 4 bedrooms tends to be the normal.

* Buyers without children are more likely to settle in with 3 bedrooms at around 1,800 square feet.

This isn't designed to tell you what to focus on in your home search but just a report of some of the statistics found across the country reported by the National Association of Realtors.

Source: “2017 Moving With Kids,” National Association of REALTORS® (Aug. 21, 2017)

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